Engraved Plastic Nameplates are manufactured with unlimited color options. These equipment nameplates are made of 1/16" thick low glare matte finished plastic with adhesive backing, mounting holes or both, beveled edges and one side engraving. Graphic is permanently engraved into the surface.

Laser Etched “DuraBlack” Aluminum Nameplates are manufactured for a precise contrast of wording against background color. Ideal for control panels, and mechanical equipment. These nameplates are made of low glare scratch resistant satin finished “DuraBlack”  aluminum supplied with adhesive backing, mounting holes or both and one side laser etching. Graphic is permanently etched into the surface.  Can be used outdoors.  Meets military spec.

Engraved Nylon and Stainless Receptacle and Switch covers are permanently engraved and color filled per your specifications.​

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